Angel Fire & Safety Equipment

Fire Safety Equipment Sales

Angel Fire & Safety. we are proud of our excellent history providing professional, reliable, and timely service.

Our work in the fire industry. for over 7 years (family owned since 2010). Our goal is simple: to provide fast, professional service at competitive prices. Whether you are starting a new business or just need a routine inspection, we want to be the fire service company you call first. No job is too large or too small for Angel Fire & Safety. Our highly skilled and experienced service team will assess your current fire safety and protection needs and then discuss your service and repair options with you.

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Equipment Inspections

We do not just service and install fire extinguishers, we check for trouble spots and non-compliance issues you may not be aware of. With 24-hour same day service we are always on call and ready when you need us.

Fire extinguisher Inspection, Maintenance and Testing. Fire Suppression. System Inspection and Maintenance. Low and High pressure hydrostatic testing. Fire hose pressure testing. Kitchen hood systems inspection and installation

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Installation as well as Education

We take pride in educating our customers in the use of fire & safety equipment.

Learn more about the fire safety and equipment service industry with useful industry links and fire education articles.

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Fire Suppresion Equipment


A Non Salt Polymer type fire retardant for textile fabrics and celluloses. It is non yellowing when dried at high temperatures, Imparts a soft dry hand without discoloration


A Restaurant fire suppression system is an advanced, state of the art system helps provide automatic safety. Cooking appliances such as ranges, griddles, fryers,


Quality fire extinguishers are the best you can buy. They are well made, long lasting and easily maintained. If your Fire Extinguisher has not been previously tested.


A fully automatic fire detection and extinguishing system for stove-top cooking fires. Cylinder assembly concealed in kitchen cabinets above or to side of stove’s range hood. Automatically shuts off fuel supply to stove, gas or electric, while extinguishing fire. Audible alarms and manual pull stations are optional on some models

We sell & service several types of fire extinguishers & fire suppression equipment..

Fire Extinguishers

Whether we receive a request for one extinguisher for a foster home or hundreds of extinguishers for a condominium or warehouse,

our technicians are trained and licensed to give a complete analysis of what is needed to meet local fire codes and safety requirements.

System Installation

From fire extinguishers to specializing in fire suppression systems, we have the experience and licensed professionals to keep your property in compliance.

We guarantee our work and offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee to our customers.